Services offered

Children's Entertainment Options


· Mommy and Me music for infants through age 5

  • An interactive music class where children and their care      givers have a great time with singing, rhythm and movement, and instrument      play. Throughout the class children will use different age appropriate      instruments and props (ex. puppets for Old Mac Donald), learn about      colors, counting and rhymes. You will have a great time with rhythm and      movement songs such as "Wheels on the Bus" or "Head,      Shoulders, Knees and Toes". It is a fun time to be had by all, and      your child will love every minute of it!

·  Music and Movement for ages 6-8

  • A fun and interactive music class where children will      have a great time singing and dancing to a mix of popular songs from their      favorite tv show and movies, as well as age appropriate popular radio      songs from the 50's through today. This class is a great way for your      child to learn about the fun and exciting music that came before them!

· Song Writing Workshops for ages 9-12

  • A 10 week workshop where children learn the      basics of song writing. The children will work in pairs, or small groups      as they spend time writing, revising and recording their very own original      songs! Over the course of several weeks, the children will work together      to choose their music genre, write their songs, design a cd cover and even      record their song! Each child will receive a cd upon completion.

· Birthday Party/ Interactive Musical performance for all ages

  • Parents and children alike will have a great time      singing and dancing along during this interactive performance for children      of all ages. With a mix of songs from popular tv and movies, classic      children's songs with a twist, and some classic songs that will take you      back in time- there is something for everyone to enjoy! 

Adult and Seniors Entertainment Options


· Corporate Performances

  •  Planning a company holiday party? Or perhaps an annual company picnic? There is nothing better than an event with a live musical performance! Whatever the event, we have the music to match!

· Senior housing Performances 

  • · There is nothing better for the senior crowd than a dance down memory lane. With a great selection of old-time hits, your residents will feel the years melt off as they enjoy an interactive performance of their favorite songs from the past. Music By Genine offers live performances in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Retirement Communities.